INTRODUCTION Moisture refers to the moisture content of the food. The right amount of moisture content is very important for cat food diets. Moisture helps cats maintain their body's water balance, promotes digestion and nutrient absorption, and maintains proper kidney function.

POSSIBLE PROBLEMS Using the right amount of moisture in cat food treats is usually safe. However, too much or too little moisture content can cause problems. If the moisture level is too low, cats may experience dehydration and urinary tract problems. And too high a moisture content may cause cat food to be perishable and increase the risk of bacterial growth.

RECOMMONDATIONS Understanding your cat's water needs: cats need adequate water to stay healthy. If your cat is predominantly on dry food, make sure you provide plenty of water fountains, or consider adding wet food to increase moisture intake. Check the ingredient list of your cat food: Pay attention to the moisture content of your cat's food, which is usually listed in the ingredient list. Choose the right amount of moisture content to meet your cat's needs. Pay attention to storage and use: If you choose to use wet food, make sure it is stored and used correctly to avoid food spoilage and bacterial growth.