Pet Food Mark is dedicated to objectively, fairly, scientifically, and algorithmically evaluating pet food to provide guidance for wise choices. Our cat food evaluation program is designed to offer you valuable insights.

Why is our algorithm more scientific?

Each calculation for scoring is based on evidence found by professionals and added to our scoring logic. This evidence can come from journals, reports, papers, or other reliable and professional sources. We even consider the sales performance on certain platforms as part of the scoring criteria, taking into account the actual experiences and evaluations of users. After all, sales can reflect the popularity of a pet food from different perspectives, which is unique.

What is the scope of our ratings?

Our rating criteria primarily focus on ingredient composition, followed by nutritional content. We also provide comprehensive and objective ratings based on processing methods, analysis of potentially allergenic ingredients, and user feedback.

About our assessment program

Thank you once again for visiting our pet food evaluation website. Our evaluation standards always adhere to principles of neutrality, scientific methodology, flexible algorithms, and being free from interference. With advanced algorithms and comprehensive data analysis, our evaluations provide accurate assessments of pet food. We assess various cat food products in an objective and authoritative manner, helping pet owners make wise choices. Whether you are a new pet owner or an experienced one, our evaluation process offers valuable advice and insights. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need assistance.