Farmina N&D Prime Boar & Apple Recipe Adult Cat Dry Food

Farmina N&D Prime Boar & Apple Recipe Adult Cat Dry Food


🍖 High Protein Content: Elevate your cat's diet with a remarkable 98% of protein derived from animal sources, including wild boar and boneless chicken. Satisfy their carnivorous cravings with a premium blend.


🩸 Clinically Tested Low Glycemic Index: Rest easy knowing that this cat food has been clinically tested through cruelty-free research to have a low glycemic index. Prioritize your cat's health with a diet that supports stable blood sugar levels.


🌍 Regionally-Sourced Ingredients: Crafted with care, this recipe is made with regionally-sourced ingredients, ensuring the quality and freshness of every bite. Give your cat the best nature has to offer.


🚫 No Peas, Legumes, Meals, or By-Products: This gourmet dish is meticulously prepared without peas, whole legumes, meals, or by-products. Provide your cat with a clean and wholesome meal that aligns with their dietary needs.


⚖️ Complete and Balanced Diet: Your cat deserves nothing but the best. This completely balanced diet eliminates the need for supplements, offering a comprehensive and nutritious meal that supports overall well-being.


🌾 Grain-Free and Preservative-Free: Experience the pinnacle of feline nutrition with a grain-free formula that excludes artificial preservatives. Treat your cat to a meal that's not only delicious but also free from unnecessary additives.


🍽️ Deliciously Low Fiber: Delight your kitty with a meow-trageously yummy mix that boasts less than 3% fiber. Keep mealtime exciting with a dish that's both flavorful and easy on the digestive system.


🏰 Protected Environment and Served with Love: Packed in a protected environment, each serving is a testament to the love and care put into every bite. Ensure your feline friend feels cherished with every meal.

Nourish your cat's sophisticated palate with Farmina N&D Prime Boar & Apple Adult Cat Food, where quality ingredients and culinary expertise come together to create a dining experience fit for royalty.

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