crude ash

INTRODUCTION Crude ash is the residue left after all organic substances are oxidized in the 550-600C high temperature furnace for feed, animal tissues and animal excreta samples. Mainly mineral oxides or salts and other inorganic substances, sometimes also contains a small amount of sediment, so it is called coarse ash.Crude ash (crude ash) is used in cat food for the following purposes:1. Mineral provision: Crude ash is the inorganic residue in cat food, including minerals and trace elements.

POSSIBLE PROBLEMS The use of moderate amounts of crude ash in cat food does not usually cause problems.

RECOMMONDATIONS The following are recommendations: 1. Provide the right amount: choose cat food containing the right amount of crude ash, in accordance with the age, breed and health condition of the cat. Make sure the cat food provides enough minerals to meet the cat's nutritional needs.